summer nh lakes

Ensure all the progress we’ve made will not be lost!

How will the COVID-19 crisis hinder our ability to train and deploy over 800 Lake Hosts throughout the state? Do you worry, as I do, that an invasive plant or animal will slip through our defenses during these unusual times and change one or more of our lakes forever?

I want you to know, right this minute, your hardworking NH LAKES staff is setting in motion new plans to ensure our Lake Hosts and our lakes will stay healthy this summer. Did you hear the news? NH LAKES Lake Hosts have been classified as essential workers. This is because they serve as a frontline defense for a critical natural resource.

This is an emergency appeal. We are asking you to make a special one-time donation today to NH LAKES to ensure critical programs will go on.

You are an important member of the NH LAKES community—a group of forward-thinking people who are joining together to do their part to keep our lakes clean and healthy, now and forever. Thank you!

Commited to clean and healthy lakes, 

Tom O'Brien, President

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